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Russia loses up to 400 troops in Ukraine every day

Jul 21, 2023

Ian Stubbs, the UK's representative to the OSCE, said that the daily losses of Russian troops in Ukraine over the past 17 months amount to about 400 people.


The senior military adviser to the UK delegation to the OSCE said this during a meeting of the Forum for Security Cooperation in Vienna.

"Russia is almost certainly struggling with a combat medical crisis after losing an average of about 400 people a day for 17 months," he said.

Stubbs added that the increase in combat casualties has apparently "undermined the normal provision of some Russian civilian medical services, especially in the border regions near Ukraine." According to him, many specialized military hospitals are reserved for wounded officers.

The British diplomat also pointed out that discontent and low morale among Russian military personnel seem to have "reached an all-time high." This is primarily evidenced by the dismissal and arrest of several Russian military commanders.

"The Russian leadership cannot justify this war even to its generals, let alone to its soldiers. They are all increasingly aware that they have been sent to fight in a horrific, unjustified and unprovoked war unleashed by Putin - poorly trained, poorly equipped and poorly led," said a representative of the British mission to the OSCE.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 21/07/2023

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