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Russia's invasion of Ukraine was Putin's strategic failure

Jun 5, 2023

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine was a strategic failure for Russian President Vladimir Putin.


This opinion was expressed by US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski, Ukrinform reports citing CNN.

"What has changed over the past week is that NATO has expanded in a way that only emphasizes the strategic failure of Putin's decision to invade Ukraine... What we are witnessing is a complete failure on Putin's part in terms of his decision to invade a weaker Ukraine. And in no way, shape, or form has Putin's war in Ukraine improved the lives and future of the Russian people," Brzezinski said.

Answering a question about whether any peace talks are underway, Brzezinski said that every minute of every day the American government is ready to move forward with diplomacy. However, Russia is moving forward through aggression.

He also noted that the United States is committed to ensuring that a lasting peace includes the full restoration of Ukraine and its entry into the Western institutional orbit. In addition, according to Brzezinski, the majority of US lawmakers remain committed to helping Ukraine and showing solidarity with it.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 05/06/2023

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