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Russia urged other nuclear powers not to infringe on its interests

Nov 2, 2022

Russia's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday released a statement calling on other members of the nuclear club to prevent direct confrontation over dangerous attempts to limit vital interests.

This was reported by European Pravda.


The Russian Foreign Ministry claims that the state in its activities is strictly and consistently guided by the postulate of inadmissibility of nuclear war, in which there can be no winners and which should never be unleashed, and the conditions of a possible nuclear strike are clearly outlined, have a purely defensive orientation and do not allow for an expansive interpretation.

"Response with the use of nuclear weapons is hypothetically allowed by Russia only in response to aggression carried out with WMD (weapons of mass destruction) or aggression using conventional weapons, where the very existence of the state is threatened," the statement said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 02/11/2022

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