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Russia will attack another country if Ukraine loses the war, - Duda

Apr 17, 2023

Russia cannot win the war against Ukraine, because otherwise the Kremlin will continue to attack other countries.

According to RBC-Ukraine, citing Polskie Radio 24, this was stated by Polish President Andrzej Duda.


The Polish head of state at a joint briefing with Italian President Sergio Mattarella said that now in the world, dangerous calls for an early end to the war and an end to aid to Ukraine began to sound.

"As Ukraine's neighbor, the president of the Republic of Poland, I want to say that anyone who calls to stop assist Ukraine today in the face of continued Russian aggression is actually acting in Moscow's interests, really working in Russia's interests. In fact, he wants Russia to defeat Ukraine," Duda stressed.

According to him, the advantage of the Russian Federation over Ukraine is obvious, and without proper help Ukraine will not win the war. And the victory of the aggressor country "will be only the first step to the spread of Russian domination in the eastern part of Europe."

"We support them and will continue to support them, and we call upon the whole world to give this support to Ukraine continually until this war is over without a Russian victory. Russia cannot win this war. If Russia wins this war, it will attack another country," Duda added.

He clarified that they agree with his Italian colleague on this issue and take "absolutely the same position”.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 17/04/2022

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