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Russian occupants almost destroyed village in the Donetsk region

Oct 31, 2022

Avdiivka and Bakhmutske are the hottest spots on the frontline. Russian occupants are constantly shelling the settlements in these areas. The situation in the Donetsk region and, in particular, in the de-occupied village of Shandryholove, Kramatorsk district, was described by Anastasia Volkova, correspondent of the FREEdom TV channel.


According to her, Russian troops are constantly shelling Bakhmut, as a result of shell hits, there are fires in residential buildings and administrative buildings. Yesterday two people were injured in the city, four apartment buildings, four private houses and one administrative building were damaged.

Despite the constant shelling, volunteers regularly come to Bakhmut and bring humanitarian aid to the population. There are several shops in the city, but the prices are higher than in other cities of Ukraine.

Also, in 15 communities of the Donetsk region, the issue of gas supply is being resolved in order to start heating the houses. Electricity is being restored, local authorities are solving other issues related to the heating season.

As for Shandryholovo, about a thousand people lived there before the war. Almost five months under occupation have changed the village beyond recognition.

"There is not a single whole building in this village: a house of culture, a school, a kindergarten, all houses that are higher than one floor - all destroyed. Even the monument to the soldiers who fought during the Second World War is destroyed. Frankly speaking, it is still unclear how it will be possible to bring life back to this village because there are only a few inhabitants left there, and investigations are still underway to document various war crimes of the Russian army. Mine clearance is also underway," says Margarita.

It is almost impossible to meet people in the village. Those who stayed try not to leave their homes. Serhiy Lytvynenko was almost the only one whom journalists met on the street. He was returning home from the neighbors with canned food.

"I went to my relatives, fed the dogs and birds there, and this is already home now," - the man says.

During the Russian occupation of the village, Lytvynenko's house was also damaged.

"The garage was smashed, a little bit got into the house - the corner is standing, but it was crushed by an air cushion. The roof was damaged, it was repaired. Broken windows were covered with the film", - Serhiy says.

Now volunteers are starting to come to the village and bring food. Ukrainian authorities provided financial assistance to the residents.

"Ukraine came and gave us 1200 UAH. But they are still lying there. And where to spend them? There are no shops," explains Shandryholovo resident Serhiy Lytvynenko.

He is not going to leave the village.

"The years are not the same - almost 60 years. Well, who needs us? And then - your own house is your own house. And why should I go somewhere from my land?" he asks.

It is impossible for people to go for food because almost all cars are destroyed. They can't order food because the Russian occupiers took away their phones.

"Coffee has already forgotten its taste. And my son-in-law cannot live without coffee, his blood pressure jumps, only coffee saves him. We need firewood," said Lytvynenko.

As in many liberated towns and villages, people in Shandryholove are worried about how they will survive the winter. They cannot go to the forest for firewood because everything is mined.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine regained control over Shandryholove, conducting an operation to de-occupy Lyman. The Ukrainian flag has been there for almost a month, but locals believe that from now on it will be there forever. They are not going to leave, because this is their home. Ukraine is here.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 31/10/2022

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