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Russians deploy assault troops near Bakhmut

Jun 8, 2023

In addition to regular units - motorized rifle brigades and paratroopers - the Russians are already deploying assault units to Bakhmut.


The former commander of the Azov regiment, Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Maksym Zhorin, wrote about this on Telegram.

"According to the Russians, they have to regain the positions from which we knocked them out.

But the real situation is that even with assault units, the enemy must respond to our actions, restrain our assaults, and not plan their advance," the serviceman said.

He also emphasized that the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not allow the Russians to take back the initiative.

In addition, according to Zhorin, many units are being redeployed to the Bakhmut direction because the Russians are already "in a state of hysteria."

"This, of course, may slow down the speed of our advance, but it will not change our plans significantly. We see them, we know what they are planning, and we will continue to liberate our territories anyway," the defender emphasized.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 08/06/2023

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