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Russians fired 11 Iskander missiles at Kyiv during the daytime attack

May 29, 2023

During the shelling of Kyiv on Monday afternoon, May 29, Russian troops fired 11 Iskanders of two modifications.

This is reported with reference to the message of the AFU Commander in Chief Valeriy Zaluzhny in Telegram.


According to him, the invaders for the second time in a day launched a missile strike on the territory of Ukraine.

The second attack occurred around 11:30 a.m. The enemy shelled Kyiv and the region with ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles from the Iskander SAM system.

"A total of 11 missiles were fired: Iskander-M and Iskander-K from the northern direction," Zaluzhny noted.

During today's daytime attack, the Russian Federation changed its tactics to daytime shelling, although recently, it has been attacking more often at night. Wreckage of downed targets was found in several districts of the capital. In the Kyiv region, an apartment building caught fire because of the attack.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 29/05/2023

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