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South Africa responds to U.S. accusations of arms sales to Russia

May 12, 2023

South Africa reacted to the US accusations of supplying weapons to Russia, expressing "disappointment that the US ambassador took a counterproductive public position."


This was reported by Ukrinform concerning Radio Liberty.

"It is well known that a Russian ship called Lady R docked in South Africa. Since then, there have been accusations about the purpose of the trip. Although to date, no evidence has been provided to support these accusations. The government has pledged to launch an independent investigation," the president's office said in a statement.

The statement also notes that during recent meetings between the South African delegation and US officials, the issue of this Russian vessel was discussed, and the parties agreed that the investigation would continue and that US intelligence agencies would provide any evidence they had.

"It is therefore disappointing that the US ambassador has taken a counterproductive public position that undermines the understanding reached on this issue," the South African representatives added.

Earlier, the United States accused South Africa of supplying ammunition to Russia via a Russian ship that docked at the Simons Town naval base in Cape Town last December. According to media reports, these accusations were made by the US Ambassador to South Africa, Reuben Bridgetty. According to the ambassador, he is sure that weapons were loaded into the hold of the ship on its way back to Russia.

For several months, the United States has repeatedly criticized the South African authorities for maintaining "comfortable" relations with Russia.

During UN votes, representatives of South Africa abstained from condemning Russia's war against Ukraine. In addition, Pretoria did not join the US and European sanctions against Moscow for its aggression against Ukraine.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 12/05/2023

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