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The EU has blocked the assets of the RF for the 200 billion euros

May 26, 2023

The European Union has blocked more than 200 billion euros of assets of the Russian central bank. This was reported in the EU after the adoption of the 10th package of sanctions, which required banks to disclose information about the size of their assets.


This was reported by Bloomberg. The EU also froze 24.1 billion euros of Russian private assets of individuals and legal entities that were sanctioned after the invasion of Ukraine more than 14 months ago.

The source emphasizes that the European Union seeks to oblige Russia to compensate for the damage caused to Ukraine. Europe is exploring the possibility of using Russia's frozen and immobilized assets in this context.

According to European Commission spokesperson Christian Wiegand, the European Commission is actively cooperating with the Swedish presidency of the European Union to promote the proposed options for using the frozen assets of the Russian central bank.

The European Union also continues to discuss this issue with international partners to ensure the necessary coordination at the international level. However, this process is a complex procedure in terms of legal and technical aspects. EU leaders are expected to discuss this issue at their next meeting scheduled for June.

In addition, the European Union has imposed sanctions on nearly 1,500 individuals, restricted exports of hundreds of goods and technologies, and taken measures to freeze key sources of income in Moscow. As part of these actions, the EU is also seeking to find and freeze the assets of Russian billionaires who have been sanctioned.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 26/05/2023

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