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The White House is going to provide Ukraine with Gray Eagle drones

Nov 23, 2022

On November 22, a group of US senators called on the Administration of US President Joe Biden to provide Ukraine with modern attack drones.


In a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, 16 senators asked to provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with long-range MQ-1C Gray Eagle attack drones.

"The long-term benefits of providing Ukraine with MQ-1Cs are significant and have the potential to change the strategic tide of the war in Ukraine's favor," the lawmakers wrote.

Signatories include Senators Joni Ernst (Iowa), James Inhofe (Oklahoma), former Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Tim Kaine (Virginia), Joe Manchin (West Virginia) and Mark Kelly (Arizona).

According to the lawmakers, Iranian-made drones have given the Russians an advantage on the battlefield. Therefore, Ukrainians should receive an arsenal from the United States to counter this.

According to the senators, Ukrainians could learn to fly the MQ-1C within 27 days. If Ukraine had access to its own drones, it "could locate and attack Russian warships in the Black Sea, breaking the enforced blockade and easing the twin pressures on Ukraine's economy and global food prices," the lawmakers said.

The Pentagon declined to comment on the letter, and U.S. officials said the reluctance to provide the drones was due to technical problems, not fears of escalation. A spokesman for the manufacturer General Atomics said the company is committed to supporting Ukraine but also declined to comment on the letter.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 23/11/2022

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