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There is a severe shortage of personnel at ZNPP

Sep 19, 2023

There is a severe shortage of personnel at the Zaporizhzhia NPP. Some "employees" stay on second/third shifts because there is no one to replace them.


It is noted that the staff is recruited based on the announcement, everyone goes one after the other. And guards of local shops, and school cleaners, and teachers.

"The funniest thing is that those who flew in with the elections (non-deputies) and members of the election commission go there. The station is under "reliable protection" (no). Here I will add the checkpoint to the station. As I wrote earlier, the cabins for the staff had to be replaced. They were replaced, accordingly, the passes of Energoatom were replaced with Rosgovnoatom. Some of the workers went to H1 because of this," the post reads.

In the occupied Energodar itself, the atmosphere is stable. Combat vehicles such as the "Tiger" drive around the city (a total of 6 units drive around the city). One of them was destroyed by the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the day of the destruction of the passport office.

"The passport desk is currently still not working, the net was repaired and re-stretched, but it still does not work, part of the documents and equipment were taken away, and as of today, there is no information. The presence of tension and doom in Energodar is growing, in communication every day and every minute with the coast of Energodar, unfortunately, people living in the occupied territory are tired of what is happening. They live in fear, especially atom scientisrs. Military equipment is deployed around the city as if it were at home, in addition to the Tigers, there are also tented Urals/Kamazes. A new rope has appeared for the peaceful Ukrainian population of Energodar, posts of the Russian traffic police, who go out every day for a "shift" and chase the people, sucking money from them for bribes (there is no official place where fines are paid, except for one single red-haired bank)", the post says.

In addition, the occupiers conduct constant house-to-house inspections in the territories adjacent to Energodar. They break SIM cards of the Ukrainian operator on mobile phones and checkpoints, they ask to delete a telegram on a Ukrainian number and create a new one on a Russian one.

"If the applications of Ukrainian banks are installed, they start asking unnecessary questions "from where, where and why". According to available information, if you go by bus or minibus out of the city, during the document check, they may tear up your Ukrainian passport, drop you off, and make you walk in the direction you need to go," the post reads.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 19/09/2023

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