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Truck queues have increased on the border with Slovakia

Nov 17, 2023

Ukrainian customs recorded an increase in the queue of trucks on the border with Slovakia due to trucks from the Polish direction.

This was reported to Ukrinform by the spokeswoman for the Transcarpathian Customs, Victoria Sengetovska.

According to her, trucks continue to arrive from checkpoints on the Polish border, which is why the queue is growing.

"As of yesterday, November 16, we had 900 vehicles at the Uzhhorod checkpoint on the Slovak border. The queue is gradually moving - we cleared 250 cars, this figure reflects our capacity per day. The number of cars crossing the border per day has not changed," Sengetovska said.


She explained that while drivers stand in lines for two weeks at the Polish border, they can cross the Slovak border in three to four days, which is why they go to the Uzhhorod checkpoint.

It is noted that Transcarpathian customs officers also direct drivers to the Hungarian checkpoint Tisa, which has more customs capacity, although most drivers choose the Uzhhorod checkpoint on the Slovak border because of the additional distance of 150 km to the route and because there are some restrictions on truck weight on Hungarian highways.

The Transcarpathian customs office hopes that the situation with the Polish border will be resolved through EU sanctions, because otherwise, they believe, Slovakia and Hungary will also join the blockade on the part of Poland.

Author - Olena Madiak, 17/11/2023

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