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Uganda's President's son is ready to send soldiers to Russia

Apr 1, 2023

The son of the Ugandan president, General Muhuzi Kainerugaba, was surprised by his strange vision of the world. This man said he was ready to send soldiers to Moscow if it was threatened by "imperialists."


He wrote about this on Twitter.

"Call me a 'Putinist' if you want, but we, Uganda, will send soldiers to defend Moscow if it is ever threatened by imperialists," he said.

This is similar to the vinaigrette that exists in the brain of the collective Kremlin - there, too, Russian imperialism is combined with the glorification of communism and Stalin, with the simultaneous cultivation of Orthodoxy, which, unfortunately, is led by people who bless to go to a foreign country and kill innocents... That is, completely surreal.

Fortunately, the Ugandan general's promises of help with soldiers will remain just words, because no one is going to attack Moscow, no matter what Russian propaganda says. What the whole world wants is for Russia to stop attacking anyone and get out of Ukraine.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 01/04/2023

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