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Ukraine has accumulated 14.8 billion cubic meters of gas in storage

Sep 20, 2023

As of today, 14.8 billion cubic meters of gas have already been accumulated in Ukrainian storage facilities.


Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko said this in an exclusive commentary to Ukrainian Radio.

"As of today, we have already accumulated 14.8 billion cubic meters of gas in our storage facilities. This is against the figure of 14.7 that we set at the beginning of the heating season. Therefore, we will have a much larger gas resource in the storage facilities. This is important. Because coal and gas are interchangeable in many thermal generation units. Accordingly, looking at the overall balance, this gives us more confidence in the heating season," said the Minister of Energy of Ukraine.

According to him, the level of protection of Ukrainian energy facilities from air strikes by Russian invaders is now much better than last winter.

"The level of protection is much stronger now than last winter. And I'm talking about both passive protection and the protection of the respective air defense systems. On the other hand, we have vast experience in passing and maintaining the system under daily attacks. That is, we are preparing for various scenarios in order to minimize the time of outage in case of attacks," said Halushchenko.

He assured that the Ukrainian power system will be fully prepared for the heating season.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 21/09/2023

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