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Ukraine should produce nuclear fuel to destroy the Russian monopoly

May 20, 2023

Ukraine should start producing nuclear fuel for reactors to replace Russia in the market and destroy Rosatom's monopoly in Europe.


This was stated by Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko, the press service of the Ministry of Energy reports.

Galushchenko noted the key role of the nuclear industry in the difficult 2022/2023 heating season and outlined short-term tasks for the industry.

Thus, the Energy Minister said that after the liberation of Zaporizhzhia NPP from the occupiers, it will be necessary to connect the plant to the Ukrainian power grid as soon as possible.

Halushchenko also emphasized the importance of working towards the establishment of nuclear fuel production.

"We have a task to start producing fuel for the VVER-440 reactor and destroy the Rosatom monopoly in Europe. We are actively working on imposing sanctions against Russians in the nuclear industry, but sanctions will move most quickly when Ukraine is able to replace the production of those products that were produced only by Russia," he said.

The Energy Minister also emphasized the potential for the development of the uranium mining industry, recalling the relevant cooperation agreements between Energoatom and the Canadian company SAMESO.

According to him, Russia occupies about 40% of the uranium market and cooperates with many countries, so Ukraine should surpass it in this area.

Among the long-term tasks, Galushchenko highlighted the construction of new nuclear units, nuclear power plants and small modular reactors. He noted that Ukraine would be one of the first countries to operate these reactors.

The Russian state nuclear energy corporation Rosatom earns a lot of money, in particular, by selling raw uranium, enrichment services, and building nuclear power plants. At the same time, most of these funds are used to finance Russia's war against Ukraine.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 20/05/2023

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