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Ukrainian Armed Forces stop counteroffensive in Bakhmut sector

May 31, 2023

Neither side is currently conducting assault operations in the Bakhmut sector. Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar wrote about this in her Telegram channel today.


At the same time, she added a mysterious intrigue to the actions of the Defense Forces: "In the north and south of the suburbs of Bakhmut, there has been no advance for several days, as the movement of our troops has been suspended to fulfill other military tasks. Which, in fact, are being fulfilled."

Hanna Malyar described the enemy's actions more clearly: "The enemy is not conducting any offensive actions in the Bakhmut sector. However, it continues shelling and air strikes. Moreover, enemy troops are being replaced and regrouped in this area."

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have advanced in the Vuhledar sector. This was noted by DeepState, a nationally recognized authoritative compiler of frontline maps, in its latest map.

In turn, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine wrote about this section of the front in a morning report posted on its official Facebook page:

"In the Shakhtarsk sector, the enemy launched air strikes in the areas of Vuhledar and Prechystivka. They shelled the settlements of Paraskoviivka, Novomykhailivka, Vuhledar, Novoukrainka, Prechystivka, and Shakhtarske."

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 31/05/2023

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