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Ukrainian sappers apply a new method of demining at the frontline

Aug 16, 2023

As you know, one of the reasons for the slow advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was mines - fascist Russia planted them all along the front line.


And now it has become known that Ukrainian sappers have begun to use new demining tactics. This was reported by CNN.

When it gets dark and the air cools, sappers launch drones with thermal imagers. On the screens, mines heated by the sun during the day become visible and seem to "shine". The detected mines are detonated with special charges.

As a reminder, the first line of defense of the invaders is solid anti-tank minefields. It is because of them that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been advancing in the Melitopol sector exclusively through infantry assaults and artillery fire. Now the advance should be faster.

On the second and third lines of defense, the aggressor could not create powerful anti-tank minefields because the invaders would have blown themselves up; trenches and engineering fortifications dominate here.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 16/08/2023

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