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Ukrainian soldiers from NLAW burn a Russian tank near Avdiivka

May 30, 2023

Ukrainian defenders near Avdiivka outflanked the occupiers' tank from the rear and destroyed it with a shot from the NLAW anti-tank missile system.

"The Russian tank was destroyed by the operators of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Avdiivka," the statement said.

The report says that after receiving information about the location of the enemy tank, a group of Special Operations Forces moved to the specified coordinates. It was decided to destroy the equipment at night.

"Having bypassed the Russian tank from the rear, the Ukrainian Special Forces soldiers fired a shot from the NLAW ATGM and destroyed the tank of the Russian occupiers," the statement said.

After that, the group successfully returned to the base to prepare new "surprises" for the enemy.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 30/05/2023

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