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Ukrnafta initiates the creation of a system of oilfield services

Apr 28, 2023

Ukrnafta is initiating the creation of a system of oilfield services using its own capabilities and third-party contractors. The company's CEO Sergiy Koretsky announced this on his Facebook page.

"Currently, the company is critically short of well workover machines. Workovers are a common operation in oil production, and the company performs hundreds of them a year. The machines fail due to wear and tear, as the newest one was manufactured in 2000," he complains.

According to Koretsky, the existing equipment is still Soviet, and newer equipment is made in Russia and Belarus, and this complicates the maintenance process, as Ukrnafta will not buy new spare parts for it "for obvious reasons."

"We are still managing to find the necessary spare parts on the domestic market. At the same time, we are preparing for the transition to international standards. But the workover needs to be done here and now. That is why Ukrnafta plans to unite the efforts of the entire industry to support Ukrainian oil and gas production," said the Ukrnafta CEO.

He pointed out that the company plans to engage service companies to carry out a wide range of technological operations, which will allow it to respond quickly to equipment breakdowns and carry out scheduled repairs faster and more efficiently.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 28/04/2023

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