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Wagner forces return to Bakhmut, but militants have problems – ISW

Sep 28, 2023

Wagner PMC fighters returned to the front in Ukraine. However, the mercenaries have problems in their organization.

This is reported with reference to the report of the Institute for the Study of War.


According to analysts, Ukrainian and Russian sources confirm the relocation of Wagner fighters in the Bakhmut area.

"Ukrainian and Russian confirmations of some former Wagner Group personnel deploying to the Bakhmut area indicate that the Wagner Group is struggling to cohesively reform around new leadership," the experts believe.

The Ukrainian military notes that the Wagner PMC changed commanders after the death of Yevheniy Prigozhin and his associates. Now the militants are returning to Ukraine, but as part of the Russian Defense Ministry troops to compensate for Russian losses near Bakhmut.

Earlier, it was reported that mercenaries of the Wagner PMC allegedly returned to Bakhmut, Donetsk region.

Yesterday, the head of the press service of the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed the information about the Wagner troops. According to him, some militants are renegotiating contracts with the Russian Defense Ministry and returning to Ukraine from Belarus.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 28/09/2023

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