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WSJ demands the expulsion of all Russian journalists from the US

Apr 1, 2023

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) demands that the US government expel all Russian journalists and the Russian ambassador from the country. The reason for this was the detention of an American journalist in Yekaterinburg. This was reported on Friday, March 31, in the article "Russia Takes Journalist Hostage".

"Expelling Russia's ambassador to the United States, as well as all Russian journalists working here, is the minimum expectation," the editorial board noted.

The newspaper believes that the arrest of their journalist is a deliberate provocation to "put pressure on the United States and intimidate the foreign press still working in Russia."

Also, according to The Wall Street Journal, Gershkovich's arrest could be a response to the fraud and acting as an agent of foreign power charges brought last week by the US Department of Justice against Sergei Vladimirovich Cherkasov, a Russian citizen. The newspaper emphasized that Putin often takes hostages in exchange for Russians who have committed crimes in the United States.

"The brazen arrest of an American journalist shows a decline in the US's ability to deter attacks on its citizens. The Biden administration on Thursday condemned Mr. Gershkovich's detention, and we are grateful for that. But it's fair to ask why Putin believes he can kidnap Americans and not be held accountable," the editorial board emphasized.

Meanwhile, in Poland, the Internal Security Agency (ABW) has detained three more people who were acting as part of the uncovered Russian spy network. This was announced by the Deputy Minister-Coordinator of Poland's special services Stanislaw Zharin, PAP reports.

"The ABW has identified another person who acted as part of the spy network that was dismantled earlier. We are dealing with detainees who have been charged with espionage and functioning in an organized criminal group, as well as with persons who are currently in custody, in accordance with certain court decisions," Zharin said.

According to him, these are the defendants who acted as part of a group run by Russian special services.

They performed certain tasks on behalf of the Russian special services, which are part of the activities of a typical intelligence and propaganda nature. This is a whole network of people who aimed to collect information about the routes and vehicles provided to Ukraine, but these people also disseminated specific content ordered by the Russian side as part of active propaganda activities against Poland," Zharin said.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of the Interior and Minister-Coordinator of Special Services Mariusz Kaminski announced that the Internal Security Agency had eliminated a spy network that was operating in favor of Russia.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 01/04/2023

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