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Zaluzhnyi told what is needed to speed up the counteroffensive

Jul 1, 2023

The Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, has never spoken so harshly to his Western partners as he did in a recent interview with The Washington Post. It can be predicted that these harsh words will force the allies to provide more active military support to Kyiv.


For example, Zaluzhnyi said he was annoyed by accusations that the counteroffensive was slow. "After all, our defenders are making progress every day in June. And this is despite the fact that the aggressor has air superiority.

Accordingly, Valeriy devoted a significant part of the interview to the F-16 aircraft that the West has not yet handed over to Kyiv. Zaluzhnyi complained that Western armies would not have launched an offensive without air superiority, but for some reason, Ukraine is expected to achieve great results in this situation.

Although in general, it seems to be clear to everyone that "fighting without airplanes is like fighting against weapons with bows and arrows."

"To make Ukraine's counteroffensive go faster, Ukraine needs more weapons - every kind of weapon... ️This is not a show that the whole world is watching and betting on. Every day, every meter is given in blood."

This reproach is addressed, first of all, to those Western leaders who have been repeating for the last month that the Armed Forces have everything they need for a successful counteroffensive. It turns out that they don't...

It can be predicted that this interview with Zaluzhnyi will override all the bravura statements of the White House, which will eventually be forced to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions, Atacams and F-16 missiles.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 01/07/2023

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