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Zelensky named conditions for ending the war at the G20 summit

Nov 15, 2022

Zelensky said at the G20 summit that the war could end if Russia withdrew its troops beyond the 1991 borders and paid compensation for the damage caused.

This was said in the statement by the Ukrainian president.

At the summit, Zelensky called on the global community to "consolidate a key element of the postwar security architecture" to prevent a repeat of Russian aggression.

"After the implementation of all anti-war measures, a document confirming the end of the war must be signed by the parties," he said.

It should be noted that throughout his speech, the president of Ukraine emphasized the G19 countries – excluding Russia from their list. He thanked them for making it clear that "there can be no justification for nuclear blackmail."

Later, Volodymyr Zelensky published on his Telegram an extended list of conditions for ending the war:

  • Radiation and nuclear safety
  • Food security
  • Energy security
  • Release of all prisoners and deportees
  • Compliance with the UN Charter and restoration of territorial integrity and world order
  • Withdrawal of Russian troops and cessation of hostilities
  • Return of justice
  • Countering ecocide
  • Preventing escalation
  • Fixation the end of the war

Meanwhile, the G20 countries are about to agree on a final draft communiqué of the summit, which contains condemnation of Russia's military actions in Ukraine and rejects the “era of war”.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova,15/11/2022

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