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A decision on the delivery of cluster munitions could be made soon

Jul 2, 2023

Kyiv has been asking Washington to supply cluster munitions since the start of the invasion. In terms of target destruction efficiency, the DPICM projectile is comparable to 10 conventional high-explosive ammunition rounds. It is known that the Ukrainian army is experiencing a shell famine. Deliveries of DPICMs will allow it to eliminate them.


NBC journalists quoted three US officials as saying that the decision to transfer DPICM shells to the Ukrainian Armed Forces has actually been made. It will be officially announced in early July.

The U.S. Army is forbidden to use DPICMs. However, their use is allowed in "emergency cases". It is worth noting that the DPICM projectile was originally developed for the war with the Soviet Union and other adversaries, superior in technology and manpower. According to experts, if the decision to supply DPICM is made, the AFU will be able to get other weapons of similar class from the USA. In particular, the U.S. Army has ATACMS cluster-mounted variants. In addition, the Pentagon has cluster missiles for the HIMARS complex.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 02/07/2023

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