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AFU acknowledge the use of Patriot systems in the Bryansk region

Jul 4, 2023

For the first time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have officially recognized the use of the Patriot system to destroy targets in Russia. On May 13 of this year, the American system shot down one Su-34, two Mi-8MTPR, one Su-35, and another rescue Mi-8 in the sky over the Bryansk region. Until now, the fact that five air targets were destroyed by the Patriot system in the skies over the Bryansk region has not been recognized by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The military joked about the "Bryansk air defense" meme.


The Patriot air defense system is actively used to destroy Shaheds, aeroballistic Daggers, and subsonic cruise missiles used by the enemy to attack the Ukrainian capital. It is worth noting that PAC-2 missiles with a range of 160 km are used to destroy subsonic missiles, helicopters, and airplanes. Over the course of the month, Patriot operators hit 80 targets, including 13 units of Kinzhal missiles.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 04/07/2023

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