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AFU are close to a major success at the front, - Estonian intelligence

Jul 14, 2023

The operations of the Ukrainian military during the counteroffensive and signs of difficulties for Russian troops indicate that the AFU can expect great success at the front.

This is reported with reference to the head of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center, Colonel Margo Grosberg, quoted by ERR.


At a briefing at the Estonian Ministry of Defense, Grosberg spoke about the tactics of the Ukrainian military, which destroy command posts and logistics centers of the Russian military with pinpoint attacks, as well as successes in the areas near Bakhmut. He also reminded that Russia is exhausting its reserves.

"All of this suggests that the Ukrainians are close to success," Grosberg said.

He noted that the preparatory offensive operations currently being conducted by the Defense Forces are aimed at shackling Russian units in narrow areas and finding weaknesses for a breakthrough. For the same purpose, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are attacking important transportation hubs, logistics points and command centers of the Russian army in the rear.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 14/07/2023

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