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Biden does not think the war will last for years

Jul 13, 2023

US President Joe Biden believes that the war in Ukraine will not last for years, as Russian President Vladimir Putin will eventually decide that it is not in Russia's interests.

Biden said this at a press conference in Helsinki on Thursday, according to a Yevropeiska Pravda correspondent.

"I don't think the war can last for years for two reasons. Number one, I don't think Russia can sustain the war forever, primarily because of its resources and potential. Number two, I think there will be circumstances in which eventually President Putin will decide that it is not in Russia's interest - economically, politically, and otherwise - to continue this war," Biden said.


At the same time, he said he could not predict how the war would end.

"My hope and my expectation is that you will see Ukraine make substantial progress on the offensive," Biden said, adding that this will eventually create an opportunity for a negotiated settlement.

Biden also said that President Putin has already lost the war.

"There is no way he can win the war in Ukraine. He has already lost this war," Biden said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 13/07/2023

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