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Blinken on AFU’s counteroffensive: Ukraine has everything to succeed

Jun 29, 2023

The counteroffensive by Ukrainian troops has just begun, and the command has not yet put its main units into action. In addition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have everything to succeed in the battle against Russia.

This was stated by U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, according to the press service of the U.S. State Department.

"Well, first, the counteroffensive is in its early days, and you heard the Ukrainian secretary of defense say just, I think, yesterday that they have yet to commit the bulk of their forces to this effort," the US Secretary of State said.

According to him, Russian troops have been preparing defensive fortifications for many months. Despite this, Ukrainian forces, with the support of Western allies, are able to overcome this.

"We just announced additional assistance to Ukraine yesterday.  They have what they need to be successful," the diplomat added.

He also emphasized that the attempted mutiny of the Wagner PMC, whose forces were withdrawn from the frontline in Ukraine, creates additional factors that can help Ukraine.

In this regard, the U.S. Secretary of State expressed confidence that Ukraine has additional capabilities, but the main events related to the counteroffensive will take place in the coming weeks and months.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 29/06/2023

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