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In Tatarstan, Russian students are constructing "Shahids"

Jul 25, 2023

College students in Russian Tatarstan are forced to assemble Shahed drones. Those who disagree are punished. This is stated in the investigation of the Protocol and RZVRT projects.


Underage students of the Alabuga Polytechnic College in Yelabuga are involved in this activity. As journalists found out, several hundred students aged 15-17 are involved in assembling drones.

Students receive 30-40 thousand rubles per month for their work. They assemble drones around the clock, sometimes without breaks for rest and food. The training agreement stipulates that it is forbidden to disclose information about production. For violation, a student can be fined 1.5-2 million rubles.

According to one of the students, they are monitored using video surveillance and wiretapping systems. For refusing to work, students are threatened with expulsion, for which their parents must reimburse the college 170 to 420 thousand rubles as tuition fees.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 25/07/2023

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