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Media learns details of new EU sanctions package against Russia

Jun 21, 2023

The new, eleventh package of European Union sanctions against Russia includes, among other things, restrictions on imports of Russian pipeline oil and control over ships entering European ports.

This was reported by the Polish radio station RMF FM.

The new sanctions package, as announced, provides for a mechanism that allows punishing companies and even countries outside the European Union for violating EU sanctions, restrictions on entering EU ports for ships that violate EU restrictions, and blacklisting more than a hundred individuals and companies.


In addition, the package includes a provision that will not allow Poland and Germany to use the exception for importing oil from Russia via pipelines, which effectively means imposing sanctions on the northern part of the Druzhba pipeline.

At the same time, the new sanctions package does not contain measures against Russian diamonds, the nuclear sector of Russia, and Belarus, which was, among other things, a demand of Poland.

EU member states intend to adopt the 11th sanctions package before the EU summit scheduled for the end of June.

Author - Olena Madiak, 21/06/2023

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