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One person killed as a result of Russian shelling of the Sumy region

Jun 3, 2023

During the day on June 2, Russian occupation forces fired 30 times at the border of the Sumy region, 181 explosions were recorded (as of 21.00).


This was reported on Facebook by the UJA.

It is noted that the occupiers fired on the territory of eight communities in the Sumy region - Yunakivska, Khotynska, Bilopilska, Krasnopilska, Miropilska, Velykopysarivska, Znob-Novgorodska, Seredyno-Budska.

According to the CAB, Russian shelling resulted in one civilian death and one wounded.

"Khotyn community: the enemy carried out two mortar attacks - 12 explosions. As a result, one civilian was killed, a private house was damaged and a power line was damaged," the statement reads. "Velykopysarivska community: during the day, the enemy mercilessly shelled the community: three mortar explosions, 16 explosions from self-propelled artillery systems. As a result of one of the shelling (by an artillery system), three civilian buildings were damaged... a pharmacy, an administrative building, two private households and a multi-storey residential building. One civilian was wounded. Russians also fired from multiple rocket launchers - 14 explosions."

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 03/06/2023

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