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Russians have destroyed the Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant

Jul 19, 2023

Russian occupants have destroyed the Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant in the Luhansk region, and are planning to "take everything out of it, leaving an empty skin."


This is stated in the message of the Telegram channel "Cheka-OGPU".

"The funeral chimes are sounding over the Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant. The team of "effective managers" Yevgeny Potapov and Denis Glevsky are gutting the enterprise with impunity. Their plan is to take everything out and leave an empty skin," the article says.

The author adds that, for example, low-grade coal is supplied at the price of high-quality coal, and the difference in price from suppliers is pocketed.

"Most often, the reports are fake, as the AMC employees follow the orders of Potapov-Glevsky and do not show the actual figures of production processes, deliberately underestimating them. This allows a couple of effective managers to steal more and make it easier to balance the books for shareholders without being caught stealing," the Telegram channel author said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 19/07/2023

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