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Threat of Russian-backed terrorism has increased in Sweden

Jul 26, 2023

Sweden has warned of a deteriorating security situation after Quran burnings and disinformation campaigns by Russian-backed entities stoked hatred of the Scandinavian country in the Muslim world.

This was stated by the country's Security Service, as cited by Bloomberg.

According to the statement, the security service "is now dealing with constant threats of attacks aimed at Sweden and Swedish interests." The terrorist threat assessment has been kept at an "elevated" level - three points on a five-point scale.


The statement also says that disinformation campaigns have tried to change Sweden's image, portraying it as "a country hostile to Islam and Muslims, where attacks on Muslims are state-sanctioned, and where Muslim children can be abducted by social services."

According to Swedish Civil Defense Minister Carl-Oskar Bolin, his agency sees the influence campaigns and is doing everything possible to combat the false image of Sweden that is now spreading abroad.

"Russian-backed actors are actively spreading false statements about Sweden and that Sweden as a state supports the burning of the Quran and other holy texts," he said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 26/07/2023

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