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Ukraine has fulfilled 2 conditions for starting EU accession talks

Jun 20, 2023

This week, the European Union will publish a report stating that Ukraine has fulfilled 2 of the 7 conditions for starting negotiations on joining the bloc.


This was reported by two EU sources to Reuters.

In addition, the EU executive intends to emphasize the progress made by Ukraine despite the war unleashed by Russia.

"The European Commission's report is a milestone that supporters of Ukraine's quest for rapid EU membership hope will result in a decision by the bloc's 27 member states to start talks with Kyiv in December," the agency writes.

Two senior EU officials familiar with the report said that Ukraine currently meets two criteria.

One of the officials said they relate to judicial reform and media legislation. He added that the report focuses on the positive aspects.

"There is progress. The report will be moderately positive. It's not about embellishing the reality, but about recognizing progress: for example, there were well-known anti-corruption cases," the source said on condition of anonymity.

In addition to a greater fight against corruption, the EU is also demanding that Ukraine reform its Constitutional Court and law enforcement agencies, strengthen anti-money laundering measures, and pass laws to curb oligarchs and protect the rights of minorities.

A third source, also an EU official familiar with the bloc's recommendations to Ukraine on the rule of law, added: "As far as reforms are concerned, the glass is half full, we would never adopt a negative tone towards Ukraine at this point. Judicial reforms have made some progress, although there are still key reforms that need to be done. Not all of them are satisfactory."

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 20/06/2023

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