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Ukrainian Armed Forces advance on Kurdyumivka and Bakhmut

Sep 25, 2023

The desperate attempts of the Russian occupiers to regain their lost positions near the recently liberated villages of Klishchiyivka and Kurdyumivka in the Bakhmut sector failed and brought the invaders only additional heavy losses.


The invaders themselves, who were lucky enough to survive these "meaty" assaults, are posting on social media about their deep disappointment and falling morale due to the ill-conceived attacks and lack of artillery support.

This was stated by the UK Ministry of Defense in its latest report on the Russian-Ukrainian war, among other things, with reference to its own intelligence.

Meanwhile, our defender, who is fighting in this area of the frontline and runs the Bakhmut Demon Telegram channel, reported the latest news tonight. Defense forces are now intensively practicing offensive actions near Kurdyumivka and Bakhmut itself. A tank and armor have been hit, and manpower has been withdrawn... However, the Bakhmut Demon takes enemy counterattacks much more seriously than official London.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 26/09/2023

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