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Ukrainian drones hit a parking lot of Russian helicopters in Sochi

Oct 1, 2023

Ukrainian drones hit the parking lot of Russian helicopters in Sochi. This was reported by Russian channels.


GUR confirmed damage to the parking lot during the morning attack by drones but did not provide details about how many helicopters were there and what type.

The mayor of Sochi, Oleksiy Kopaigorodskyi, stated that around 8 a.m., air defense forces allegedly shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle over the territory of the Krasnodar Territory.

A temporary flight restriction was introduced at Sochi International Airport. Flights bound for the resort were diverted to alternate airfields.

It will be recalled that on Sunday, October 1, the Russian occupying forces dropped 10 aerial bombs on the Kherson region, as a result of which at least four people were injured.

In Stanislaviv, four people were injured during the Russian attack, and one more person is under the rubble. It is worth noting that electricity has disappeared in the city.

"On the morning of October 1, the enemy shelled the outskirts of Kherson, the light went out, but energy workers are already working at the site of the shelling," the report says.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 02/10/2023

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