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US pressures Turkey to end support for Russia and Hamas

Nov 30, 2023

U.S. officials are publicly and privately urging their Turkish counterparts to stop helping Russia evade Western sanctions and assist the Hamas group, warning of possible consequences, including sanctions.

This is stated in the publication of The Wall Street Journal.

Despite the US sanctions against Hamas funding, Turkey has allowed investment firms, holding companies, real estate brokers, and many other businesses associated with the group to operate from Istanbul, primarily because it has not declared it a terrorist organization.


Turkey's trade with Russia has increased dramatically over the past year, despite export controls designed to cut off the flow of electronics and other commercial goods the Kremlin needs to support its war effort.

"It would be very bad if any future Hamas attack was linked to fundraising or facilitation that took place in Turkey," said Brian Nelson, the US Treasury's Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, after meeting with Turkish officials on Wednesday.

Author - Olena Madiak, 30/11/2023

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