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A game about war during the war

by Denys Kolomiiets  •  May 9, 2022

Like yesterday, we have a unique article today, not the usual one. In times of War, different people help each other as best they can. Some donate money, some are engaged in production, some fight on the front lines, and some make lovely and unusual games. Games that make you think a little bit and re-evaluate the War, to understand it further and actually begin to help in the way their heart tells them to.
It’s hard to describe this game even in a lengthy article; everyone will find something special in it. The pixelated graphics and unusual sounds may bother some people. Still, it creates a unique atmosphere and leaves a deep impression. We won’t distract you anymore; simply spend ten minutes of your time and walk through the game till the end! We only recommend things that are definitely worth your time.

Feel free to enjoy the game by visiting


Pixel game about War in Ukraine

Denys Kolomiiets, 10/05/2022

Close the Sky Over Ukraine! Arm Ukraine Now! Support Ukraine!

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