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Finland and Sweeden are finally in NATO!

by Denys Kolomiiets  •  May 14, 2022

After the U.S. guaranteed military security for the Scandinavian countries, the president of Finland officially announced. “We are applying to join NATO,” Sauli Väinämö Niinistö, President of Finland! Just after that Sweeden government also confirmed entering the alliance. Tomorrow, the parliament will approve the decision, and on May 17, there will be an official letter of a membership application. A similar move is anticipated tomorrow from Sweden. They are one of the last countries in the EU that are not yet members of the alliance. Now the NATO land border with Russia has doubled. Accordingly, the time to approach missiles to the second most important city of the empire, St. Petersburg, has been reduced to a few minutes. It appears that Putin’s butcher’s goal has been achieved.

Two new NATO members Sweeden and Finland
Two new NATO members Sweeden and Finland

It is a total loss for Russia in a diplomatic and reputational field, as 2–3 days ago, Putin and Lavrov deny every possibility of accepting Finland to NATO. Of course, the government control TV channels will say that this is a big plan of Tzar Putin, and Finland will pay for this. But you know what? No one is afraid of this old crazy idiot. Sorry for my wording, but that's how I feel now. Yes, this is a big day for whole world peace and the start of the last days of the butcher's empire

Putin huy
Last friend of Putin

What do you think? Are we waiting for a special military operation against Finland? Or just as always lie lie lie

Denys Kolomiiets, 15/05/2022

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