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How Russian propaganda works

by Denys Kolomiiets  •  May 4, 2022

We want to show you how the Russian Federation propaganda machine works. We will show you how the same facts and the same conversation are presented entirely differently. Everyone still remembers the recent interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. He accused Jews of anti-Semitism and described Hitler as a Jew himself. The scandal escalated to such an extent that Israel, previously relatively militarily neutral, planned to send defensive weapons to Ukraine and completely lifted the ban on reselling its arms by other countries (which Estonia already did). To try to make up for this conflict, butcher Putin himself had to call and apologize (!) to the prime minister of Israel. However, let’s see the presentation of this conversation by the two countries.

Putin putana
Putin's propaganda based on USSR

Let’s take a look at two official sources of information — the press office of the Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett, a Kremlin press release, the Russian propaganda service RIA Novosti, citing Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov

Bennett’s office verbatim: “The sides discussed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s remarks. The prime minister accepted President Putin’s apology for Lavrov’s words and thanked him for his treatment of the Jewish people and his memory of the Holocaust.”

Jewish cemetery
Jewish cemetery

But the official press release of the Kremlin did not pay attention to Putin’s apology. Because never before has Putin apologized officially and for his closest associate, the fascist Lavrov. But they devoted a separate paragraph to the murder by the Nazis of 6 million Jews during World War II. They stressed the need to recognize the critical contribution of the Soviet army(which consisted of Russians, only 60%, and more than 25% Ukrainians) in the victory over Nazism. The Israeli side made no mention of the fact so as not to incite other conflicts on the eve of what is now Russia’s main holiday — May 9. And what is surprising is that the day that veterans themselves remembered in tears, which for many was a day of remembrance for the fallen, but the Russians have turned it into a farce. Frenzied drunken youths rushing through the streets, with stickers on their cars Berlin 1945 — Shall we do it again? They are encouraged to think they are the victors, even though the 4th or 5th generation grows up.

The most important thing my grandfathers, one of them Jewish and the other one Ukrainian, told me is that there should never have been a war! But this will be the subject of our separate publication, which we are preparing for May 8–9.

And now, let’s go back to the essence of the propaganda.

Russian car made in Germany
A lot of Russian cars (made in Germany) with war stickers

It appears from the Israeli press release that — the parties discussed the evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

While the Kremlin says that the parties discussed the success of the evacuation of civilians under the leadership of the UN and the ICRC, but forgot to mention a word about the fact that Prime Minister Bennett handed President Putin a request to allow the remaining civilians to safely leave the bunkers of the Azovstal complex.

Russian propaganda

And if you glance at both press releases, there isn’t much difference. But, if you read and think about it and consider to whom these messages are sending, everything falls into place. And taking into account the fact that the Russian media kept silent about the original scandal with fascist Lavrov, they will conceal the fact of the president’s apologies with particular zeal. They have everything ready for it — the closed foreign mass media and Roskomnadzor(the government agency that controls the internet) block any Internet material within an hour without any court decision.

This is why freedom of speech is essential; this is why Ukraine was so eager to join Europe. And now it is clear why Putin’s Russia could not afford it.

Close the Sky Over Ukraine! Arm Ukraine Now! Support Ukraine!

Denys Kolomiiets, 05/05/2022

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