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Next target of the Russian war operation could be Israel! S. Lavrov

by Denys Kolomiiets  •  May 2, 2022

Russia’s bloody war against Ukraine has spawned many senseless statements from the Russian leadership. Initially, it was claimed that the rights of the Russian-speaking population were being oppressed in Ukraine. Then, it was claimed that the Ukrainian army was destroying its own people and Ukrainian cities.

Lavrov antisemit
Israel in first raw on a nazi hunt. Lavrov is the target now

The latest speech by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stunned everyone. The prerequisite for the incident was a direct question to the minister — how can a country whose president is a Jew propagate Nazism. Lavrov, known for his scathing and often obscene public statements, replied that Hitler’s ancestors were also Jews. It is tough to prove or disprove this information, and there is little point in looking for proof in yet another deliberate distortion of history.
Jews did not kill Jews, said Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid. Such claims have a simple basis — the stratification of society, the revival of ancient anti-Semitism, insane and senseless in modern times. Any war is not just a power game; it is also a deliberate confrontation between different population segments. People of different nationalities begin to hate each other without the slightest reason.

Jews are always underpressure in Russia
Jews were always under pressure. Russian empire 1904 year

The Israeli Foreign Ministry noted that Lavrov’s statements are a blatant violation of historical accuracy, the purpose of which is to justify violence on the territory of Ukraine. The minister accused the Jews of participating in the Holocaust, which is complete madness.

A Ukrainian-Nazi is an oxymoron; Hitler’s Germany planned to destroy the Ukrainian nation. Repressions against Ukrainian activists like Bandera confirmed these plans. Accusing contemporary Ukraine of Nazism is as meaningless as accusing it of shelling its own cities.
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was outraged by the attempt to accuse Jews of aggression against themselves. The Jewish people have been searching for their country, their promised land, for thousands of years, and, having found it, they are not prepared to receive such baseless insinuations. The use of the Holocaust, a black stain on the new history of mankind, for the purposes of an aggressor country is an outrageous fact, and Israel will not let it go unanswered.

Russian offisial twitter caled Jews - nazis
Official Twitter of Russia FM — Jews supporting neo-nazi Ukraine government

And suppose Lavrov, a fascist, had apologized for his ill-considered remarks. In that case, the episode might have been forgotten, but not only have the people of Israel not heard the accusations, but the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry has again insulted them on Twitter with another absurdity. Jews support the neo-Nazis. Just think about it, and everything becomes clear. Anti-Semitism in Russia has been put on the state level. Many official books of the Russian Orthodox Church, the main church in Russia, claim that it was the Jews who killed Issus Christ and that they are the main culprits for people’s sinfulness. They even put Satan in second place. So we are no longer surprised by such statements, but the world community is seeing this for the first time and is therefore so shocked by it.
Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, says that Russia hates other nations only because those same nations do not like Russians. Total Russophobia is the idea-fix of the Russian leadership, and they have infected most of the population with this idea. Propaganda works actively, replacing people’s own thoughts.


The bloodshed in Ukraine cannot be quickly prevented without the massive influence of the media on the brains of ordinary Russians. They, by and large, do not need war, nor do they need any conflicts. However, if their standard of living declines significantly, the question will arise: Have we chosen the right government? Do we stand for the correct slogans? After all, who are we dying for? And the answers must be given to them.

Funny explanation how Jews killed themselfs
That's how Russian media explain the total destruction of Ukrainian cities

Russia is so isolated from the world community that any nonsense from the rostrum is picked up by the state media and poured into the ears of its gullible listeners. First, the Nazis kill the armed forces of Ukraine, then the Nazis are with the AFU, then all Ukrainians become Nazis and kill themselves. And now the absurdity that all Jews are anti-Semites and also kill themselves sounds not just for fun but from the mouth of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry himself. Does this mean that the following “special military operation” must be conducted on Israeli territory? And protect them from themselves. I wonder who’s next? Judging by the rhetoric of the Russian Foreign Ministry, any country whose citizen was a member of the SS is an enemy of Russia. However, they conceive that the flag they are fighting, the tricolor of Vlasov, is precisely the banner of the fascist axis of evil, under which tens of thousands of Russians fought. And their number was more significant than the mythical Banderovites, from whom the butcher Putin is trying to save us.

Vlasov flag nazis
9 May 1945 — Parade of Victory in Moskow. Vlasov tricolor along with nazi flags

Sergey Dolimov, 05/03/2022

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