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Women in War. An army that society does not see.

by Serhii Kolomiiets  •  Aug 19, 2023

The unsung heroes of the Ukraine war

We see them in daily life, grandmothers, mothers ,sisters, daughters, aunts, yes, woman. What dawns on me is we see President Zelenskyy visiting the front and occasionally awarding warriors. I don’t see woman on the front being honored or commemorated.


One would expect more attention to the subject of these unsung heroes. They are not only mothers that shed tears because of their spouses or sons did not make it coming home from the front.

Woman are also warriors on the battlefield. Facing hells gates opening up in combat. What about ladies becoming survivalists and taught guerrilla tactics and trained in reconnaissance. Let’s forget the typical roles ladies have in a war, nurses, administrative jobs, spying?

Woman in war.

Gender equality? Most certainly, awareness of the fact that they are found among Paratroopers is just an example .How do the band of brothers see this, getting ready to enter their armor to be driven off to combat?

Yes, they will take extra good care. I am sure on that one, even though I do not have the experience of ladies engaging in battle. Might be human nature for the brothers to have an extra eye out and protect. I guess that is part of nature. I am also very sure the ladies will express their anger and release this in combat.


The wrath of a lady? I wouldn’t want to be around when this is unleashed. Dangerous by itself but very effective.

Do we witness an unequal burden in the war compared to males? Are woman more adversely affected then man? Questions that pop up writing this article. In many cultures we see a stereo type of ladies. They are the mothers of our children, or grandmothers taking care in family visits. Raising families is a different ballgame then fighting at the front.

 Equally, did we think of doctors and nurses that face the most horrific consequences of battle. And deal with the aftermath? Life and death struggles every minute of the day? After this exposure returning home to be loving and caring mothers and spouses.

 I call them unsung heroes. And we see little of their participation in the news. Did we accept it just to be normal? Do we have extra attention to their mental and physical wellbeing? Without any doubt they will have their emotional roller coaster ride having faced combat, fights for life and death and exposed to the atrocities of war? I am not aware of it.


I do hope that organizations reach out to have a process of healing going. Yes we have seen special attention to woman having being exposed to rape, torture and abduction. But what about our doctors, nurses, and the ladies fighting at the front? War will leave scares, I know so well. Time will heal all wounds. Guidance can make peoples lives easier. And there is a difference between man and woman.

Awareness, that is what I hope to create with this article. And when we meet ladies we might have the awareness what they have been going through, or still are. The moment your spouse arrives home from the front, or your daughter that came home from her tour of duty. Or long hours from the hospital. Remind yourself to give her the attention she needs. They will need the comfort of home, love and care. There will be a new day, as in life and in a country in war. Where our unsung heroes will be exposed to the war again and again.

Mad Mango

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