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An Analysis of the Possibility of a Nuclear World War III

by Denys Kolomiiets  •  May 3, 2022

Global nuclear war is the main fear of the global political community in recent months, with militaristic Russia treacherously attacking peaceful Ukraine. This is why many influential geopolitical players are wary of engaging in an outright military confrontation with Russia. For example, in Hungary, France, or Germany, even refusing to supply energy resources from Russia could mean an economic and political crisis.

Massive rocket strive during Gutirrish visit Kyiv

The UN officials headed by its secretary-general Antonio Gutirrish declare a real possibility of escalating the local conflict to the global, nuclear and final one. And Russia itself is simply mocking the very essence of the UN by firing missiles at Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, during the visit of its head there.
According to scientists, the symbolic Doomsday Clock shows how close the world is to universal catastrophe, counting down the number of minutes. Moments of change in the state of the clock have been nuclear tests, treaties to regulate nuclear weapons, and severe international conflicts. But unfortunately, over the past twenty years, the hand has been actively moving toward the tipping point. And now, there is a high probability of crossing the critical line.

The face of Russian propaganda Dmytry Kisilev
The face of Russian propaganda Dmytry Kisilev

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it clear that Russia will take all possible measures in the event of even the slightest attack on his country. Russia’s nuclear forces are on full alert, and not the slightest indulgence is expected. Margarita Simonyan, the “talking head” of the Kremlin, speaks directly about the preferred path of World War III, that Russia will not make any concessions in the confrontation with the whole world.
Dmitry Kiselyov, Putin’s chief propaganda mouthpiece, voiced the real possibility of preventive nuclear strikes against Western countries, especially Great Britain. However, he slightly exaggerated the capabilities of the Russian military machine, claiming that London could be destroyed by a single, long-outdated Satan missile.

Such statements are a primitive attempt of Putin to intimidate the West in general and NATO countries in particular. However, everyone understands that such boasting is nothing more than a bluff, an attempt to suspend full-fledged military assistance to Ukraine, which is already being provided by dozens of countries.
At the same time, the US Congress is considering more and more military support for Ukraine, with unprecedented dozens of billions of dollars allocated for this purpose. It is clear that the US is looking out for its own interests as well — in case of a nuclear war, it will be the first target, and in the end, there will be no winners at all. On the other hand, China officially supports the anti-war position but continues to cooperate with Russia, realizing that the loss of such a large market would bring huge losses to the country. Also, the Chinese government is aware of the dependence of the entire civilized world on their supplies, especially electronics and rare earth elements. However, comparing the market of Russia and the US alone, not counting the EU, the choice of an ally for China is evident. Trade turnover with the US is 10 times higher. The balance is shifted to exports, which are much more profitable for the Asian countries. And if we take the countries of the European Union, especially one country Niederland, and especially one company, ASML, the choice becomes obvious. ASML is a monopolist in the production of lithographic scanners, devices necessary for developing and modeling any electronic chips, and losing contracts with them would be a disaster for the Celestial Empire.

Joe Biden and China
US and China could become alliance against Russia

Frank Kendall, head of the US Air Force, does not think Putin would dare to use strategic nuclear weapons. According to the experienced military man, tactical strikes on the territory of Ukraine are quite possible to achieve local objectives of occupying a particular position. Russia’s use of nuclear weapons on the neighboring region would mean an immediate and rapid danger for the countries bordering Ukraine. However, tactical strikes will not have the desired effect militarily and can only be perceived as blackmail. Today’s Russian and Ukrainian armed forces have bombs comparable to low-yield nuclear weapons. And Putin’s goal of “liberating” Ukraine generally excludes the use of such “dirty” weapons.
The general outlined the prospects for the development of US armed forces soon. First of all, this is the development of drones because human resources are too expensive. According to him, Russia’s war against Ukraine is comparable to the Cold War between the USSR and the USA, particularly in terms of comprehensive development of defense and offensive weapons, both tactical and strategic.

Frank Kendall — head of the US Air Force
Frank Kendall — head of the US Air Force

Expert journalists are actively discussing what the world will be like after mutual massive nuclear strikes involving scientists from various branches of science. One thing is sure: after that, the civilization will be thrown back for many centuries, and the deficit of food and energy resources, as well as many medical and social problems, will come to the foreground.
However, we should not overestimate the nuclear potential of Russia. After all, it’s only shown on paper that even the latest tests of their missiles have demonstrated that not everything is so successful. The news often delivered a rendered image of the trial, not the launches themselves.

A simple, practical example showing the weakness of the Russian air and missile forces — yesterday, 03/05/2022, 12 state-of-the-art Russian Iskander and Kalibr missiles were launched from the waters of the Caspian Sea against infrastructural facilities in Ukraine. At the moment, Ukraine has no modern stationary air defense systems at all, and it is impossible to shoot down a cruise missile with a Stinger. However, there are two complexes in service of anti-aircraft forces of Ukraine, which development was started in the 70s USSR. They are S300 and Buk in modifications M1 and M2. And even with such ancient systems, it was possible to intercept the five most modern missiles that could have caused enormous casualties and destruction. Using the medium-range equipment of the 70s, Ukraine shot down almost half of the missiles, which should not be in populated areas. NATO has a state-of-the-art medium- and long-range air defense systems, such as the American Patriot or the Italian SAMP-T, which can intercept any air targets over EU countries. Yes, we are not going to lie that there will not be any casualties. Still, looking at the actions of the crazy butcher Putin, he can attack any country at any time, so now is the best moment to weaken him as much as possible. He will not have any bargaining chips in the current situation.

Patriot anti-air system in Sweden
Patriot anti-air system in Sweden

The main task of the world community is to prevent the local conflict from escalating into a global one, not to let the fire of war consume the whole world. Unfortunately, however, for tens of thousands of Ukrainians, this war, insignificant globally, has resulted in the destruction of homes, the death of loved ones, and ultimately, broken lives.
We should not be afraid of blackmail and live in fear. Putin is not alone in making decisions, and we believe that if he decides to press the big red nuclear button, he will simply be physically eliminated by his inner circle. And if he wanted to do it — he would have done it already after the 3rd day of catastrophic losses in the “military operation.”

We’ve taken the hit, withstood it, and we’re ready to continue. Just help and support us, and we will definitely win!

Close the Sky Over Ukraine! Support Ukraine!

Sergey Dolimov and Denys Kolomiiets, 05/04/2022

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