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Russia shelled New York! At least three dead

by Denys Kolomiiets  •  Apr 28, 2022

In the modern world, one stops being struck by news headlines. If today a headline like this may seem untrue, let’s see what happens in a few months of a continued policy of passive assistance. But the headline is actually accurate, but it’s not about New York City with the United States, but in the small town of New York, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. And if you think this is a modern name caused to blow up the news headlines, I will disappoint you here. The village of New York was founded in the middle of the 19th century, to be exact, in 1858, by settlers from Germania, who, during the reign of Russian Empress Catherine II, moved to these lands fleeing from the Catholic Inquisition. No one knows exactly why the village was called that way; several versions exist. According to one of them, the founder’s wife was from New York. According to the second, someone on a trip was amazed by this city.
The third — was named so that the village evolved as quickly and dynamically as the city of New York.

New York Ukraine middle 19 century
New York Ukraine middle 19 century
New York USA middle 19 century
New York USA middle 19 century. Not to match difference, yes?

Under that name, it survived both the First and Second World Wars. It remained so until 1951 when the confrontation between the USSR and the United States began to grow. The then USSR leader Josef Stalin could not allow that in the center of the USSR. Right in front of his eyes, there was a town named after the city of a potential enemy. So he renamed it Novgorodskoe. But in 2021, by the majority of residents of the community, it was finally decided to return the settlement to its historic name, the name under which it was founded — The New York. July 1, 2021, the grand opening ceremony of the signs to enter and leave the village took place. And the historical justice, which people have been fighting for more than 70 years, was inspired.

Sign I love NY
Sign on the main street of New York before the war

We would like to go further into history, to tell exciting stories (and believe me, in the life of this village, they were), but the war came to our country. Like in 1941, after the town began to fall under massive fire and bombing by the Nazi invaders. Today was fierce because the civilian infrastructure was hit, and at least 3 people were killed and 9 wounded. However, emergency workers and paramedics cannot yet fully assess the losses and remove the blockage because Russian troops are still shelling the city, even though there are no Ukrainian armed forces in the city. Since the Russian press has only talked about the existence of this village in the last couple of days, it has become a particular target for Russian occupiers and mercenaries. From the intercepted communications of the invaders, we learn that they are literally bidding for the right to be the ones to target the village. For them, it is such entertainment, some kind of pride, because this particular scum will never get to American New York. They will brag about the destruction of our small village and the murder of New Yorkers.

Killed utility workers by russians
Two utility workers were killed on duty
Killed old wonam by russians
The old woman was killed in her own yard

Russians are deliberately inculcated with a hate cult for everything Western since childhood. And if there were something else to justify this, but no, the state apparatus deliberately pursues a politic of hate to justify total corruption, thievery, and the country’s impoverishment. It is always easier to say that America and Europe are to blame for unemployment, lawlessness, and crime than to fight it. Primarily since it benefits the ruling elite, led by the butcher Putin. And this hate, which was incorporated into the school, grows into such barbaric shelling of entirely peaceful populated areas. For the first time in their lives, many Russian soldiers saw that a toilet with sewage and electricity could be inside the house in a Ukrainian village, and not as they are used to at home — a collapsing shed with a bucket outdoors. And this envy, multiplied by propaganda, turns into war crimes. Another vivid example of such a terrorist act is the destruction of an ostrich farm in the village of Yasnogorodka, Kyiv region.

Killed bird by russians
Russian soldiers didn’t know that such birds exist in the world
Killed enimakl by russians
Hunting for animals in cages — that is what Russians love most

What people have built for years and put their hearts and souls there is destroyed by the fascists literally in minutes, and for no reason, simply because of hatred and envy. And as we know, hatred and jealousy are among the main signs of stupidity. This is what the Russian leadership is trying to achieve — a stupid people. They are always straightforward to control. Look at the interviews taken with simple citizens of the Russian Federation. 80% of answers will come to that we simple people don’t understand the policy. We are not interested. Over there at the top, some clever people know everything. Therefore they always make correct decisions.

Putin huy
Russia can’t be ruled without of tsar

We will win this war because we are fighting for our homeland, land, and loved ones. But we will not be able to destroy the parasitizing empire next door ourselves without your help. And it is up to you to decide whether it is comfortable for you to live in the modern world, knowing that you can be killed simply out of envy or hatred implanted by false propaganda in children’s ears.

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