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Ukraine war perspectives, February 2024

by Serhii Kolomiiets  •  Feb 8, 2024

Thoughts by our regular contributor, a volunteer from the Netherlands, on the prospects for Ukraine and Russia in a war in 2024.

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Those who have read my previous articles know my background and connection with Ukraine. The war rages on. Even a so-called status quo in the current battle zones doesn’t make the war have less impact on casualties and loss of precious personnel and armor. It is in tanks or other infantry armor on wheels or tracks on both sides. Readers here are mostly informed through telegram channels. Movies of ongoing battles are clearly visible. Non-biased information and unbiased updates are hard to get.


So? Where do we stand if it comes to Ukraine, its defense forces, Russian bombardments on civil targets, in discriminate bombing by Russia with ballistic missiles and rockets and drones on civilians. Occasionally even its civilians. Accidental or not. “The unwavering support” of allies continues. Now let me share my thoughts. That unwavering support is definitely needed, for starters to have a chance to win this war. Saying that? At the same token, I miss the clear statement on objectives. And these are crucial. More than ever.

Now where is the US, or better allied objective stated? One person in the Ukraine army who could define these objectives and execute them? General Valerii Zaluzhny would be the correct and also obvious choice. But that is the way I see it. To it with the same unwavering support from Zelenskyy. Why now more than ever? Weapons and arms? Ammo? Allied countries are ramping up production. Better late than never, March 2024 is the delivery of 600.000 mortar shells. (of the million promised). Objectives are key! I’ve seen combat and know what it is. And I am not the only veteran following the news daily. Every layman watching the Ukraine war has a fair idea of the needs Ukraine forces have to win this war.


These are;

  • Long range missiles
  • Fighter jets as F16s and A10 Warthogs, AWACS
  • Apache’s
  • Intelligent mortar systems and shells
  • Abraham tanks in abundance
  • The supply chain to sustain the war. Fuel depots and tankers, ammo store and supply, OTIF!
  • Air defense systems

That’s a tall order, I know. Removing Russia from Crimea is crucial. Where is the allied objective for it? It should be the first objective. Yes, we have seen Ukraine forces taking out rocket systems and strikes on air bases and command structures.


Since the start of the Kremlin crap “special operation,” half his military assets have been destroyed by Ukraine forces. To detail this?

  • Armed forces
  • Armor as in tanks and personnel carriers
  • Rocket systems

From air superiority is no trace. Russians resort to the use of T55 and T60 tanks in combat. Sending meat waves into the combat zone. Non combatants that is. Russia’s combat power is reduced to way more than half. And by now Russian forces lack everything. Even the bare minimum like clothing, boots, and helmets. A staggering 1000’s of casualties every day. The Kremlin crap was forced to lick North Korean shoes to get a supply of ammo and weapons. Well, that didn’t work. North Korean shells blow up in Russian barrels. Already taking out half its artillery. Ukraine forces making minced meat of Russians when they are on the attack again. Drones contribute to this massacre. One thing is clear. This can’t last very long.


The Kremlin crap now deals with a population letting him know they don’t agree. These voices getting louder and louder. Before unseen, now visible on the streets. That by itself is significant. Not only does the population rise against the war. The population is now exposed to the devaluation of the rubble (previously known as Rouble) by 50%. Food shortages become visible in the most basic items, Chicken, eggs, tomatoes are just examples.

Shortages. Not only in war equipment. Shortages affect Russian society. The same society that gets aware of their children being sent in meat waves on the front.

Russian economy.

Before the “special operation,” the Russian economy was equal to that of the BENELUX. Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In terms of economies a dwarf on a global scale. The Kremlin's shit shouts, its economy is now in full war mode. Oh wow! Really? I don’t know the size of the bubble this guy lives in. Might be huge. Even bigger than his dwarf economy. What does it mean for the Kremlin? Ukraine is supported by the 53 nations so far. Of which the biggest economies in the world. And they started to do the same war mode. We don’t need to be rocket scientists to understand the outcome.


With all the above in mind?

I would like to point out that Ukraine will win this war. This can be fast-tracked by setting objectives. Which are desperately needed at face value of the current situation. Allied nations to work on the objectives and without delay supply Ukraine with the goodies it needs. I might be not patient enough, but it has taken long enough. The US and its allies can show the world the time of Putin is done. Restore Ukraine territory. It is now up for grabs to take. When the T55 and T60s are finished? Xi Yi can send more of his Alibaba delivery tuk-tuks, so big orc can send more meat.


Clear objectives and supply of weapons, rockets, and ammo can be the year Russia will be defeated. It will all start with the Kremlin's shit wishes to negotiate a cease-fire. I think it will be clear enough there will be no negotiations. The Kremlin orders the withdrawal of its troops from Ukraine. Russian people can speed up by opening a window. It will require a strong allied block to keep Russia isolated after its withdrawal or defeat. Russia should be isolated indefinitely.


And for God’s sake, blow up that bridge!

Mad Mango

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