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EU countries begin to lift ban on strikes on Russian territory

May 28, 2024

On Tuesday, May 28, EU Diplomacy Chief Josep Borrell said that the EU countries have begun to lift the ban on Ukraine's strikes on Russian territory.

This is stated in a statement by the head of the European Union's diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

“Do we allow the use of weapons on Russian territory? Member states have begun to address this by lifting this restriction,” Borrell said.

The EU diplomat emphasized that “according to the laws of war, there is no contradiction” in Ukraine's strikes on the territory of the aggressor country, Russia. At the same time, he emphasized that some states would fear the risk of escalation.

“But you have to find a balance between the risk of escalation and the need for Ukrainians to defend themselves. Because, of course, you cannot go to the place where the attacks are coming from, you are in a completely asymmetrical situation,” he emphasized.

Author - Ihor Lontkivskyi 28.05.24

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