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France has ordered a hundred Delair drones for the AFU

Mar 1, 2024

France has ordered 100 unmanned aerial vehicles for the Ukrainian military from Delair company. The drones are to be sent to Ukraine this summer.

This is reported with reference to the X (Twitter) account of French Defense Minister Sebastian Lecornu.

"Thanks to an innovative program, France is ordering 100 remote-controlled munitions from Delair, which will arrive in Ukraine this summer," Lecornu wrote.

According to him, the French military-industrial complex will receive an order to manufacture two thousand such drones for the French and Ukrainian armies.

"In total, our defense industry will order two thousand remotely piloted drones. For the needs of our troops and the needs of Ukraine," Lecornu said.

Delair produces several models of reconnaissance drones with a range of 8 to 100 km. The drones are usually designed to perform information gathering, monitoring, and reconnaissance tasks.

Lecornu did not say what kind of drones the AFU will receive. But judging by the published photos, it is a Delair DT46 model. The drone can fly about 100 km and carry a load of up to 5 kg, while it is capable of landing in a fully autonomous mode on a site measuring 80 by 20 meters.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 01/03/2024

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