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Large-scale cyberattack on government and media websites in Moldova

Sep 26, 2023

On Monday evening, unknown hackers attacked the websites of some government agencies and independent media in Moldova.

This is reported by NewsMaker reports.

As a result of the attack, the websites of Moldova's electricity suppliers - Moldelectrica, Premier Energy, FEE-Nord, NARE, and RED-Nord, as well as the portals Ziarul de Gardă, Nokta, and NewsMaker - became partially unavailable.

NewsMaker's cybersecurity experts found that the attack on their website was carried out from a center in Moscow. Responsibility for the attacks was claimed by the Telegram channel "People's CyberArmy", which is probably linked to the Russian Federation.

Moldova's Cybersecurity Service confirmed the cyberattack on the websites of some service providers but assured that it was not an attack on the country's energy infrastructure.


Moldovan government spokesman Daniel Vode said on Tuesday that the Moldovan authorities managed to repel DDoS attacks carried out by hackers on the websites of the country's government agencies. According to him, the sites registered "more than 36 million requests from different regions of the world" during the attack.

Vode also said that the Moldovan government recommends that private sector representatives pay more attention to cybersecurity in companies, strengthen corporate networks, and consider industry-recommended measures to protect web servers.

Since 2022, hackers affiliated with the Russian Federation have been actively launching so-called DDoS attacks on Western countries, designed to overload their servers with requests and temporarily disable them.

Author - Olena Madiak, 26/09/2023

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