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Lithuanian army calls for an increase in the military reserve

Dec 4, 2023

Lithuanian Army Commander-in-Chief Valdemaras Rupšys believes that the country's military reserve should be increased.

This is reported by LRT.

"I see the point in increasing the reserve, in training more active reserve personnel, because the current wars show that we also need to have a reserve to fill the wartime structure," Rupšys said.

According to him, since this structure needs to be equipped with weapons, vehicles, ammunition, and equipment, this decision should be balanced.


Commenting on proposals for a general military draft, he said that it is up to politicians to decide whether this decision is acceptable.

"And politicians decide whether it will be a general military draft, a partial military draft or some other. I think that any decision of politicians will be implemented by the army," Rupšys assured.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Lithuanian Armed Forces added that a general conscription would be very important for national defense, but it would require resources and time to prepare.

Author - Olena Madiak, 04/12/2023

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