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Pentagon: US can't keep up with weapons production

Dec 4, 2023

The US Department of Defense claims that the US defense industry lacks the capacity to stay ahead in the high-tech arms race with competitors such as China.

This is reported by Politico, citing an unpublished draft of a new Pentagon report on the defense industry.

The document says that the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of the supply chain, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Hamas' attack on Israel "revealed a different set of industrial needs and corresponding risks" as the United States tries to produce weapons to support Ukraine and Israel.


"It has become clear that insufficient production capacity and supply capabilities are a deep-rooted problem at all levels of the supply chain," the draft report states.

It is noted that in its current form, the US defense industrial base "does not have the capacity, capability, responsiveness, or resilience necessary to meet the full range of military production needs at the required speed and scale."

In its draft report, the Pentagon emphasizes that the United States creates the best weapons in the world, but cannot produce them fast enough.

Author - Olena Madiak, 04/12/2023

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